Gender Lens Investing 

At Deetken Impact, we know actively supporting gender equality leads to better business outcomes, including stronger investment returns, productivity, and talent retention. We also recognize that achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, Gender Equality, is essential to achieving all of the 17 SDGs and to maximizing social and environmental impacts.

As Gender Lens Investors, we are committed to supporting gender equity across all business activities and to implementing investment management practices that empower women.

Gender Smart at Every Step

Our Gender Lens Investing framework enables us to identify, invest in, and engage with companies that are committed to gender equality and empowering women, while fostering diversity across our own operations. We incorporate gender considerations and metrics at every step of the investment process to assess, monitor, and advance companies’ gender business practices. 

gender lenses in sustainable investing

By applying gender smart investment practices across all investment funds and activities, we ensure that every dollar invested drives measurable improvements in gender business practices.  We go beyond counting men and women to evaluate business strategies, policies, and initiatives that promote gender equality within the operation itself and in the communities of influence. 


In partnership with Pro Mujer, we launched the first Gender Lens Investment Fund dedicated to Latin America & the Caribbean: The Ilu Women’s Empowerment Fund. With $35 million in AUM, the Ilu Fund has 27 investment holdings in 12 countries. The Ilu Fund’s investment strategy places strong emphasis on women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship by investing in gender-smart companies in the areas of: 

Financial Inclusion


Affordable Housing

Sustainable Production

Renewable Energy


With the support of the USAID Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub program and in partnership with Pro Mujer, the Ilu Women’s Empowerment Program was developed to amplify the impact of the Fund’s capital while advancing gender equality in the region through a three-pronged approach of fundraising of blended finance capital, tailored technical assistance projects with portfolio companies, and knowledge dissemination and advocacy for gender lens investing in the region. Read the program reports and case studies here

people directly impacted

gender technical assistance projects

workshops for entrepreneurs and business leaders

investor events showcasing gender lens investing in practice

open-source tools to promote gender-smart business practices

Public case studies and reports

We are committed to ensuring every investment contributes to a meaningful impact on women and girls. Our Gender Lens Investing approach has been tested, validated, and incorporated across our funds and institutional activities. 

We believe that change starts from within. That’s why we ensure team diversity at all levels – including Board of Directors, Leadership, and Investment Committees. We have also developed an in-house center of expertise and are committed to building gender awareness within our team through ongoing training.

Inclusive and diverse communities
are thriving communities. 

Together we can make an impact. 

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